About Dr. Vats

Primary Care in Rockwall and Fort Worth, TX

Meet Dr. Vats

Akhil Vats, MD, is a dedicated primary care physician at Merak Health. Dr. Vats and his team proudly serve the community of Rockwall, Texas. 

Dr. Vats graduated from Rajiv Gandhi Medical College in Thane, India. After graduation, he went on to pursue residency through Allegheny Health System in Western Pennsylvania. 

For the last 10 years, he has been providing his community with the care and respect they deserve. With eight years of experience as a hospitalist, Dr. Vats understands that each patient is unique in their own way, and that treatment plans should be tailored to accommodate their individual health needs.   

At Merak Health, Dr. Vats takes the time to build a strong foundation of trust with each patient, and ensure all their needs are met with the utmost care. His philosophy of care is to respect each patient’s concerns, allowing them to feel secure and comfortable in sharing their health issues. Dr. Vats wants all his patients to know that their health is always put first.  

To learn more about his approach to care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Vats and his team at Merak Health.