Lab tests help you to check on your current condition and maintain excellent health. At Merak Health in Rockwall, Texas, Dr. Akhil Vats and the experienced team offer on-site lab tests and in-home blood tests. They also work with Quest Diagnostics® for more complex lab testing needs. To learn more about lab tests, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

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What are lab tests?

Lab tests refer to evaluations and assessments that gauge and monitor your health. At Merak Health, the team offers many different lab tests, covering all the basic lab work. They also partner with Quest Diagnostics for more advanced lab testing needs.

What do lab tests involve?

Lab tests may involve several different methods of specimen collection, including:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Nasal swab
  • Mouth swab

The specific test you need dictates the type of sample you provide. For example, if you need a complete blood count, the team takes a blood sample from an arm vein. If you need COVID-19 testing, they’ll use a nasal or throat swab to take the sample necessary for testing. Some other tests may require a urine sample.

You may need to provide several types of samples if you’re having an annual physical exam or another comprehensive health and wellness evaluation.

When might I need lab tests?

The Merak Health team may recommend lab tests during your annual physical, which allows them to check essential aspects of your health like your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Or, you may need lab tests as part of the diagnostic process when you’re sick.

How long does it take to get results from lab tests?

Merak Health offers some in-house lab testing with almost immediate results. However, other more in-depth tests may take a few days.

If you need more specialized lab tests, they can send your labs to Quest Diagnostics, who will handle the testing in their own labs. Many results are available within 24-48 hours, but can vary based on the tests you need.

Do I have to come into the office for lab tests?

Merak Health focuses heavily on patient comfort and convenience, and that’s why they offer lab tests both in the office and during in-home visits (house calls). Depending on the type of tests you’re having, the team may tell you specific ways to prepare for the test, such as fasting for eight to ten hours ahead of time.

If you need lab tests for any reason, from simple to highly complex, Merak Health is here to help. Call the Merak Health office or use the online booking feature today to schedule a lab test.